St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church is a community of faithful people striving to live as people of faith.  The mission of the Church is to reconcile people to God and each other in Christ.  The way in which we live out our mission is through adoration, formation, and transformation.

By adoration we mean the worship of the Triune God in spirit and truth.  We worship God with our body, mind, and spirits and seek him in the sacraments – Christ’s gifts to the Church.  The core of our adoration is the continual offering of the most Holy Eucharist, commonly called the Mass.

By formation we do not mean education, although education is a part of formation.  Formation is the shaping of world-views, behaviors, and relationships through engagement with the Biblical story, Traditions of the Church, and fellowship with other people of faith.

By transformation we mean the changed life that emerges when the people of God adore him and are formed by him.  This changed life is not content with a broken world or injustice.  Those who are being transformed by the grace of Christ live as graceful agents of transformation in our community and world.