“By adoration we mean the worship of the Triune God in spirit and truth. We worship God with our body, mind and spirit, and seek him in the sacraments – Christ’s gifts to the Church. The core of our adoration is the continual offering of the most Holy Eucharist, commonly called the Mass. Daily prayer and the constant celebration of the Holy Eucharist is the heartbeat and life of St Timothy’s. An average of 335 persons attended one of three celebrations of the Eucharist each Sunday and numerous Prayer Book feasts were observed in solemn fashion during the year.  In 2013, Morning Prayer was added to the Sunday schedule (in addition to Monday through Friday) to bring the number of public opportunities for prayer and worship to 19 each and every week.”

– Fr. Steve, Rector

The homily, or sermon, is an exposition on the Scriptures and themes of the day. Click here to listen to past sermons.
High Mass
St. Timothy’s is unique in that we offer a High Mass every Sunday at 11am. This mass is characterized by ancient ceremonial, liberal use of incense, chant, and movement that emphasizes the mystery of God and the beatific vision of heaven.
"He who sings, prays twice."  This axiom from St. Augustine lays the foundation for our approach to music.  Learn more about our musical philosophy, choirs, and programs for children.