“Transformation is change. It’s an inner change, and an outer change. At St. Timothy’s, we put a great deal of energy and intention on adoration and formation. There are many wonderful opportunities for worship and for all ages to grow in God’s Word. When we allow all of this to work in our hearts—we are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are changed by the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. The transformation takes place in our hearts, but is evidenced in our lives as we actively live out God’s love. This is a transformation that we can feel—as we inwardly wrestle with the best ways to live and love; and it is a transformation that we can see—as we actively engage all of creation to share God’s hope and love. Transformation makes us feel differently, see differently, love differently, and spend our time and energy differently. My hope is that we all open ourselves up to this change that only God can do—and watch as our church becomes more like Christ each and every day.”

– The Rev. Katie Bryant – Minister with Children and Outreach

Community Garden
Our garden is awesome! Four large raised beds, several large pots for tomatoes, and a big bean stand!
Anthony's Plot
Anthony's Plot is a Moravian intentional community that we partner with on many community endeavors.
Overflow Shelter
A ministry caring for homeless nightly during the winter months
The Abraham Project
In 2011, St. Timothy's launched The Abraham Project - a year-long internship program for young adults dedicated to service, community and simplicity.
Costa Rica
Learn about our partnership with the Diocese of Costa Rica and Church of Ascension.
Local Missions
Learn more about how we live out our baptismal covenant in our community.